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 Campbell Prize - Graduate  
 The Relationship between Social Support and Psychological Distress among Hispanic Elders  Abstract
  Maria-Cristina Cruza-Guet

 Campbell Prize - Undergraduate  
 Oral vs. Written Narrative Memories and Well-Being in Late Adolescence  HTML | PDF
  Amy R. Rikoon

 Williams Prize: Composition, 1st-Year Program (Eng. 1 and 2)  
 Too Good to Be True  HTML | PDF
  zoe salome zachariades

 Violence and the True Power of Words  HTML | PDF
  Sandra Michele Torrey

 Divine Power  HTML | PDF
  Blake Warren Cote

 A Perfect Power  HTML | PDF
  Christine Leigh Mutch

 Gods of the Harvest  HTML | PDF
  Colin M Gore

 Williams Prize: Composition, 1st-Year Student not in Program  
 The Human Situation in Creators of Life and Their Creations  HTML | PDF
  Joseph Francis Kain

 Madness and Paranoia: Reading for Reliability in The Turn of the Screw  HTML | PDF
  Emily Ruth Smith

 The Death of Miles: Refusing to Surrender  HTML | PDF
  Jacqueline K Conahan

 A Critique of Gospel Authors Luke and John  HTML | PDF
  Evangelos V Brisimitzakis

 Williams Prize: English Composition by Sophomores  
 "Slip" in Measure for Measure  HTML | PDF
  Jonathan P Warner

 "The Swimmer"  HTML | PDF
  Jonathan P Warner

 Disaffected Afflictions: Tracing Paranoia to the Postmodern Culture  HTML | PDF
  Chris A. Campanioni

 Williams Prize: English Composition by Juniors  
 The Use of Fragmentation and Modernist Themes in the Emergence of the New Negro  HTML | PDF
  Alessandra Kathleen Intili

 Gradgrind as a Reflection of Industrialism in Hard Times  HTML | PDF
  Meaghan Colleen Bertsch

 Katrina: A Blend of Wordsworth and Shelley  HTML | PDF
  Katherine Shaw Wegert

 Affectations of Affection:the breakdown of the genuine and the collapse of the individual in the consumer culture as it is displayed in the rift between romance and realism  HTML | PDF
  Chris A. Campanioni

 Williams Prize: English Composition by Seniors  
 Royal Pastoral Transvestites and Elevated Human Beasts: Suspension of Social Conventions and Realism in the Forests  HTML | PDF
  Jayne E Carapezzi

 Love: A Capitalist Endeavor  HTML | PDF
  David G Webster

 A Sight to Tell  HTML | PDF
  Raymond G Lahoud

 Is Liberty Gone Out of that Place: Walt Whitman's Opposition to War  HTML | PDF
  Martha A MacKenzie

 Williams Prize: Creative Writing - Poetry  
 My Mother's Mother  HTML | PDF
  Stephanie Jane Palmieri

 The Morning You Left  HTML | PDF
  Stephanie Jane Palmieri

 On the corner of a sprawling southern city,   HTML | PDF
  Chris A. Campanioni

 Nervous in the Service  HTML | PDF
  Chris A. Campanioni

 Unseasonable  HTML | PDF
  Robert T Alunni

 Williams Prize: Creative Writing - Fiction  
 15 October, 1940  HTML | PDF
  Philip C Ejike

 7-10 Business Days  HTML | PDF
  Matt B Havener

 Integrative Learning  HTML | PDF
  Christopher Holden Chen

 Williams Prize: Creative Writing - Non-Fiction  
 That Cloudless Sky  HTML | PDF
  Mike T Damert

 A Willow in the Wind  HTML | PDF
  Natalie C Green

 Williams Prize: Journalism  
 The Drama Queen  
  Jayne E Carapezzi

 Error-Correction in a Democratic Blogosphere: The Effect of the "Marketplace of Ideas" on Accuracy and the Threat to Mainstream Media  HTML | PDF
  Jayne E Carapezzi

 High stakes gambling at Lehigh: big risks, big rewards  HTML | PDF
  Chris A. Campanioni

 Welch Fitness Center: Out of shape  HTML | PDF
  Chris A. Campanioni

 Tuition hike results from many factors  HTML | PDF
  Olivier Lewis

 Students' health jeopardized by bio lab mix-up  HTML | PDF
  Olivier Lewis

 Social shift for south Bethlehem?  HTML | PDF
  Kathleen M. McLoughlin

 Figurative Threats: Scrutinizing the Censorship of American Culture AND "I'm not a journalist, but I play one on the Web"  HTML | PDF
  Matthew Ryan Kapitanyan

 Despite a Mountain of Challenges, Lehigh "Handicapped Friendly"  HTML | PDF
  Michael B Fusco

 And the Beat Goes On: The Baby Boomerang  HTML | PDF
  Lauren T Cuoco

 Laying Bricks  HTML | PDF
  Alex D Roarty

 Embryonic Stem Cell Research  HTML | PDF
  Carolyn M Banta

 Burdick: The truth about invasive species  HTML | PDF
  Rebecca Avey Straw

 Williams Prize: Hist., Gov., Intrntl. Relations (Senior)  
 The Resource Curse Reconsidered: Freedom and Polity in Perspective  HTML | PDF
  Matthew Ryan Kapitanyan

 Morality Questioned-The NATO Bombings of Kosovo  HTML | PDF
  Sabrina Harris

 Preemptive War: The International Context and a Case for Peace  HTML | PDF
  Daniel Ryan Ostermueller

 Williams Prize: Philosophy and Religion Studies (Senior)  
 Philip K. Dick and C.S. Lewis: The Approach to Religion in Science Fiction and Fantasy  HTML | PDF
  Kathleen M Mish

 Williams Prize: Psychology, Sociology, Anthropology (Senior)  
 Mindless Eating: How Differences in Portion Size Influence Popcorn Consumption for Males and Females  HTML | PDF
  Rachael B Goldstein

 Life Stories, Identity, and Culture  HTML | PDF
  Amy R. Rikoon

 Conflicting Models of Human Reasoning and Rationality  HTML | PDF
  Jared M Hotaling

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