2005 additional finalists:

  • Holly Kent (History, graduate) "‘All Reform Depends Upon You’: Changing Conceptions of Moral Suasion, Political Activism, and Women’s Roles in American Abolitionist Women’s Fiction, 1851-1860"
  • Mary Medvide (Psychology, undergraduate) "Parenting style and vulnerability to depression: The role of early maladaptive schemas"
  • Rebecca Sharim (Sociology and Anthropology, undergraduate) "Stigma and Primary Biliary Cirrhosis
  • Sara Rubinstein(Sociology and Anthropology, undergraduate) "Sexual Violence as a Military Strategy: Armed Ethnic Conflicts and Wars of Rebellion 1980-2005"
  • Prize Winners

2004 additional finalists:

  • Halima Amjad (International Relations, undergraduate)"Biological Weapons: The Current Threat Level and the Risk of Genetically Engineered Pathogens"
  • Alison Diefenderfer (Psychology, undergraduate)"Informant Accuracy, Human Cognition, and Cultural Schemas Accurately Measured By Meeting Attendance Recollection? : Re-evaulating and Retesting the Freeman et al (1987) Group Study at the University of California-Irvine"
  • Prize Winners