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2022 Prize Winners:

2019 Prize Winners:

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2009 Prize Winners:

  • Matthew Horne (Economics) "Monetary Policy and Asset Prices: Does the Federal Reserve Practice Asset Price Targeting?"
  • Laura Kelly (Sociology and Anthropology) "Hierarchies of the Senses: Investigating Color, Texture and Scent in American English"
  • Starla Weaver (Psychology, graduate) "What's on Your Mind: The Influence of the Contents of Working Memory on Choice"

2008 Prize Winners:

  • Kelsey Hunter (International Relations) "Poverty as an Underlying Cause of Civil War"
  • Lindsey Brooks (Education, graduate) "Ethnic-minority Bisexual Women: Understanding the Invisible Population"

2007 Prize Winners:

  • Victoria Federico (International Relations) "The Curse of Natural Resources and Human Development"
  • Michael Andreychik (Psychology, graduate) "Social Explanatory Style as a Foundation of Social Orientation"

2006 Prize Winners:

  • Amy Rikoon (Psychology) "Oral vs. Written Narrative Memories and Well-Being in Late Adolescence"
  • Maria-Cristina Cruza-Guet (Education, graduate) "The Relationship between Social Support and Psychological Distress among Hispanic Elders"

2005 Prize Winners:

  • Joanna Steinman (Sociology and Anthropology, graduate) "A Comparative Historical Analysis of the Old Order Amish of Lancaster County, Pennsylvania"
  • Sheila Clabby (Psychology, undergraduate) "Lay Theories and Intergroup Attitudes: The Role of Theories Concerning Internality-Externality and Stability-Instability"
  • additional finalists

2004 Prize Winners:

  • Emily Wurth (Sociology and Anthropology, graduate) "The Health of the ‘Forgotten' of Washington, DC: An Analysis of Gentrification, Concentrated Poverty and Health"
  • Celina Hayes (Psychology, undergraduate) " Dependency and Length as Processing Constraints on Word Order in Particle Constructions"
  • additional finalists

2002 Prize Winners:

  • Claire Choutka and Patricia Doloughty (College of Education, graduate) "ABA for Children with Autism: The Outcome-Related Factors in the Legal Cases"
  • Nicholas Kehrwald (Psychology, undergraduate) "Moving Beyond Traits: The Effect of Attributions for Stereotypic Traits on Social Judgment"
  • Lauren Ercole, Annette Gavigan, Amy Gilbreth, and Katharine Gardner (Sociology and Anthropology, undergraduate) "Perceptions of Feminism: Measuring Feminist Attitudes"

1999 Prize Winners:

  • Dorene McNamara (Social Relations, graduate) "Individual Differences in Adult Attachment Styles and their Connection with Representations of Actual and Ideal Love"
  • Elizabeth Richner (Psychology, graduate) "From Actors to Characters to Persons: The Development of Character Representation in Young Children's Narratives"
  • Shari Abrams (Psychology, undergraduate) "Gender Differences in Perceptions of Modest and Immodest Presentation of Academic Achievement"

1998 Prize Winners:

  • Jamie Lynch (Psychology, undergraduate) "The Effects of Gender and Sex Role on Helping Behavior"
  • Jill Kinney (History, undergraduate) "The Changing Role of Women in the Seneca Nation of Indians"

1997 Prize Winner:

  • Yan Ping (Emily) Xin (College of Education, graduate) “Mathematical Word Problem Solving Instruction for Students with Mild Disabilities and Those at Risk for Math Failure.”

1996 Prize Winners:

  • Bonnie A. Green (Psychology, graduate) "Cognitive Changes following a Carotid Endarterectomy: A Proposal"
  • Allyson Kambach(History, graduate) "'In Women's Realm': Negotiating Issues of Gender and Class in the Amalgamated Journal"
  • Laura Greenwald (Psychology, undergraduate)"Psychosocial and Cultural Differences in Latino Americans on Hemodialysis"
  • Dara Seybold (Sociology and Anthropolgy, undergraduate)"Choosing Therapies: A Senegalese Woman's Experiences with Infertility"

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